Thursday, August 4, 2016

You Can't Choose Family

Last Sunday the family held a party to celebrate my mother in law's 90th birthday. The usual drill is that everyone brings a dish as we could easily field a mob of 40 to 50 people. Some of my in laws are pretty good cooks so the food is good and you appreciate the time and money they spent. Others just go to the store and buy something and think they have fulfilled their obligation. And then there are the leftovers.......With the family containing LEOs and shift workers, not everyone can attend and plates are made a put aside for them. However, there is one sister in law who thinks she can bring store bought bread (literally) and then abscond with all the leftovers. We got wise to her when she took ALL of the leftovers from our Thanksgiving Day dinner last year. We went looking for turkey and realized she had taken it all. We then saw that she did the same thing at every family function. This time we started picking up early and hid the leftovers we wanted to save. She comes in and starts packing up some food and has the gall to ask if there are bigger plates (so she can take more) but by that time all the good stuff had been distributed and packed away. Gotcha.

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Old NFO said...

LOL, yep there is ALWAYS one... sigh