Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review - Avenue of Spies

I have read several of Alex Kershaws books (The Liberator, The Longest Winter) and found his writing style easy to read and enjoyable. "Avenue of Spies" is about an American, Dr. Sumner Jackson from Maine,  who headed up the American Hospital in Paris during the war and was active in the resistance. He lived on Ave. Foch which is one of the main streets that end at the Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately, when the Germans occupied Paris, the Gestapo and the Secret Police decided to commandeer buildings on this same street. His story is one of low key courage as he hid downed pilots and helped them make the "home run" back to England, treated French soldiers and helped them to disappear from the lists, kept the Germans from taking over the hospital and used his house as a message drop for the resistance.

It's a good read about a little known piece of history about the war.

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