Monday, July 28, 2014

Normandy and Musee d'Armee

Here are some pics of a recent trip to Normandy, including Pointe du Hoc, and the Museum of the Army with Napoleans tomb.

There is a ceremony that only family members can perform. Sand from Omaha Beach is impressed into the engraved name of theit soldier. This is from one of the panels with the names of the missing. Earl Parker was in the 116th Infantry.

 The American Battle Monuments Commission has taken over Pointe du Hoc. They have stabilized the erosion and built access to the observation bunker that the Ranger Monument stands on.

Ranger Monument

Musee d'Armee

Ma Deuce and grandson.

Napoleans Tomb


Old NFO said...

That place gave me the chills to stand there looking down on Omaha Beach...

Peripatetic Engineer said...

Me too. There is an 88 mm gun emplacement at Vierville sur Mer that looks down the entire length of Omaha Beach. And there is little cover and concealment available. And the bluff is steep. A visit should be on every Americans bucket list.