Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review - Light of the World

Dave and Clete and their families, including Alafair and Gretchen (Cletes daughter), are vacationing in Montana. But, as you can guess, bad stuff follows them. Alafair sees a serial killer that she interviewed in prison several years ago. He was not happy with what she wrote about him and is seeking revenge. Also, a teenage girl who had been adopted by a local wealthy family turns up dead and is soon followed by a couple of corrupt local cops. It's hard to imagine a small town in Montana attaining shuch a high body count. Dave and Clete hit the problems in their typical head on style that eventually ends in a fire fight in the mountains. This book takes off from the first page and keeps you interested. Yes, Burke does spend a few paragraphs preaching about the devastation that fracking is visiting on the coutryside, but if you ignore his environmental rants, its a good read.


Clay said...

Check this out, especially the last one:


Old NFO said...

Thanks! I'll add it to the read list!