Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alumni Giving

It has started again. Last night I got a phone call and today I got an email requesting donations. I am tired of people who don't know how to economize asking for more money. Therefore, I sent the following response back to the email:

I was excited to receive your offer to donate to XYZ University. I was excited because it gave me a chance to offer something of value back to the university, something that XYZ gave me when they educated me – my experience. I have spent almost 40 years in industry. Twenty of those years was in a major oil company. The main thing that we did during those 20 years was cut costs and reorganize in response to weak oil prices. I survived reorganizations, downsizings and budget cuts that occurred on an almost annual basis. I know how to economize in lean times. Therefore, I am offering the following:

I would be willing to consult to XYZ University and perform a detailed budget review with the goal of cutting operating and capital expenses by at least 10%. I would be willing to do this for a small hourly consulting fee which I am sure the university will find reasonable given the potential savings I could produce. When these cost savings are in place, the universities need for donations should decrease. Allow me to bring the real world of industry to the halls of academia and help you to get lean and mean.

I look forward to your prompt response.

I wonder what I will get back???

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Old NFO said...

LOL, you'll get Zip -nada back... :-)