Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Temporary Exile

We finally heard last night that Plaquemines Parish would open the north end on Wednesday at 0600. BUT, many homes had no power, there was no gas and no groceries. Be prepared to camp out for a few days. Feeder bands from Gustav were still causing tornados on Tuesday.

PE heard through a reliable source that the politicos wanted to keep the parishes (Orleans, Jeffeson and Plaquemines) closed for a few more days but public pressure was building to allow residents to return. The State Police were turning people back but many of those people had run out of money and had no place to go. They were forming Hoovervilles along the interstate. St Charles Parish was the first to open and the others followed suit soon after.

My son is heading back today and will camp out at his office if necessary. PE will stay put with the rest of the group until the weekend. We do not want to be in the middle of the return traffic. They evacuated using contraflow but they will only have the normal side of the intestate when they return.

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