Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petit Fours and the Four Rules

My wife and I had the Three Amigos (otherwise known as “The Grandsons”) out for lunch one day and the topic of conversation turned to a local specialty bakery. From there it turned to petit fours. As the bakery was known for special orders my wife asked, “Do you think anyone can just walk in and buy petit fours?”

“Of course, honey, we live in a right to own state. Anyone who is not a criminal can buy petit fours.” I replied.

The Three Amigos caught on right away that I was talking about the 2nd Amendment and offered their encouragement by agreeing with me “Yeah, Grandma, we have the right to own petit fours.”

“And if you don’t exercise those rights, you can lose them.” I continued.

The next thing we knew we were on the way to the petit four shop for 2 dozen of the sweet little morsels.

After making the purchase, I schooled the Three Amigos on the 4 Rules:

1) All petit fours are assumed to be loaded
2) Always point your petit four in a safe direction
3) Know the target for your petit four
4) Keep your fingers off the petit four until ready

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