Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Crawfish

The family tradition is to have a crawfish boil on Mother's Day. This years catch has grown to a good size making the effort to peel the little buggers worth the time. The Bro-in-Laws did an excellent job in boiling the critters. And this time they did an experiment. Some of us like our crawfish with a little more spice so they added a couple of cups of jalapenos to the boil water on one batch. They probably could have added more because the crawfish weren't as hot as you'd expect. The "toxic" crawfish were spread on a separate table for the adventurous.

We brought along a crock pot of chicken etouffe and there are always hot dogs for the kids. My wife has a trick for chicken etouffe. The longest part of making this dish is frying the chicken. In order to short cut that step, she goes to Popeyes and buys the spicy chicken breasts. Chop them up and add them to the roux and vegetables and voila, an almost instant chicken etouffe.

Gotta go. They're cutting the doberge cake!

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